Avenue Of The Sun is an Alternative Rock band that hails form Southern California. Recently signed to Wright Records and distributed through The Orchard Sony Entertainment. Their new Single "Cali Fires" off the LP with the same title is available for download on all major music pmatforms. Their hard driving hi energy california sound is all original and all energy. Formed in 2016 by the guitarist Gabriel Carreon. The band has evolved since conception to become a driving force on the rock scene in OC. With Bass player J Brett H, Drummer Brian Perrero, and Frontman Maks Fatullayev, they have created a new sound and vibe in California. With their demanding stage performance and passion for the show, they will continue to be a musical bomb going off on the music scene.


Maks Fatullayev

Lead Vocals:
Maks Fatullayev is the lead singer for the band Avenue Of The Sun. Born in Ukraine Russia Maks made his way to the U.S. 8 years ago to pursue his dream of making music. Maks original sound and aggressive tone standout on the music scene in California.

Gabriel Carreon

Gabriel Carreon is the guitar player and founder of the band Avenue Of The Sun. Growing up on the streets of L.A. on the Hollywood music scene Gabriel's L.A. influence can be heard in the high energy good vibe riffs he produces.


Brian Perrero

A heavy-hitting, power drummer with quickness and versatility. Big influences are Alex Van Halen, John Bohnam, Will Calhoun and Tommy Lee.
"My drumming reflects the kind of guy I am; the kind of guy that watches rodeo and roots for the bull."
Hometown, El Paso, Texas, now residing in Signal Hill, California.
The 4 piece kit is set for big low-end and powerful, high-end overtones. Yamaha, Tour Custom shells 14" tom, 18" floor tom, 24" kick. The snare-drum is a Mapex, Sledgehammer with Sabian cybals. 14" hi-hats, two 20" crashes and a 22" ride. Drums



With his unique style and demanding stage presence Brett has laid down the groove and foundation that gives Avenue Of Th Sun their agressive Hi Energy sound. Raised in California he has been on the music scene for 10 years and will continue to play an important roll within the band. Brett plays Fender Basses and Mark Bass amplifiers